My Little Chefling

I have a little chefling at home; Sara. We love being together. In the kitchen.

When she was a few months old I would put her in the pram and take the pram to the kitchen. There, talking to her (Read: mum blabbering and baby smiling) many a cake were baked. Curries too.

Later when she turned one, I would pull a warm rug and her kitchen toys all the way to the kitchen. She loved throwing a bowl here and a plate there and would be very happy copying me.

This changed a little when she turned two. Like her mum she developed a love for “reading” cookbooks at night. She would take my copy of Cupcakes and Muffins by Ann Nicol (At six, still her favourite) and would tell me which one she’d like to eat the next day.

At three, she spent most of her time in her play kitchen. Her favorite game being chopping wooden vegetables and fruits and making a wooden roast chicken for her dad and me. To that she would add her much-loved spices; star anise and cinnamon. Setting up her own restaurant and hosting her food show are the other two.

A new issue of Good Food gets her as excited as me and together we bookmark recipes that we’d like to try. Hold on before it seems like cookbooks are all she reads and playing cook is all she does let me clarify she does read books that children of her age should and paints and runs and does her puzzles and basically creates chaos at home:) More about the games she plays here

She will be turning seven in a couple of months from now.

Many of her interests have changed over the last six plus years. At two, she wanted to be “cheft” (Read:Chef). At three, she wanted to be both an artist and a gardener. At four, she wanted to be a ballet dancer, princess and a fairy. I tried explaining her that being a princess is not really a profession and being a fairy is a tad difficult but then I let it because she does look really cute with her wings and tiara. At times she even sleeps with her wings on. At five, she wanted to work from home, just like you she would say. When she turned six, she wanted to (believed) be a mermaid to save the world from the bad witches. In a couple of months she will be seven and tells me she’d like to be an author, a violinist and at artist. Also, reminds me regularly how I haven’t gotten around to getting the 7 books she has already written published!!

Having said that, there is one thing that has not changed in the last six plus years. Her love for food is what has remained the same. We bake. We cook. We share our meals.

I love having her with me in the kitchen. The questions that she asks, the advice she gives me, the talks we have, the mistakes she makes and the mess she makes, All of this and more makes my day brighter.

Cooking for and with Sara. 


Join us in creating magic and playing in the kitchen. Simple recipes that kids her age can cook/bake with a little help from us, cooking games and toys that she loves to play with, cookbooks for mini chefs that we have enjoyed reading together and more.


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