What can I grill on a cedar plank?

When it comes to cedar plank grilling, fish is the most common pairing, however, you can grill nearly any protein or veggie with a plank. Try grilling steaks, chicken, pork, tofu or a handful of vegetables. Be sure to keep different meats on separate planks.

Can you use regular cedar boards for grilling?

To answer your question specifically, cedar is almost never treated as it’s naturally resistant to decay. So unless it’s painted, you’re good to go. … The Cedar fence pickets at your lumber store are perfectly safe to grill on, cedar is almost never treated.

Can you grill steak on cedar plank?

Char the plank and sear the steaks: When the grill is ready, remove the plank from the water and let excess water drip off. Put the plank on the high heat side of the grill and leave it until it is blackened on the bottom and starting to smoke, about 3 minutes. … Serve: Let the steaks rest for 10 minutes.

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Is cedar plank grilling healthy?

Why Cedar Plank Grilling Is Healthier

Charring foods over high and direct heat produces carcinogenic chemicals. … But sliding ingredients on top of a cedar plank is even more effective, because it creates a barrier that prevents scorching and allows food to cook over more moderate and indirect heat.

What fish is good on cedar plank?

Small whole fish like char, trout, walleye and bass are great to use on cedar planks due to their size, flavor and texture. They’re also easily found in lakes across the country. If you’re a fisherman looking for a new way to grill your catch of the day, this Epicurious recipe is a delicious choice.

Do you flip fish on cedar plank?

There is no need to flip the fish. Plank cooking is indirect because the food is insulated from the direct heat. You do want the board exposed to the direct heat of your grill so that it can smolder.

What do you do with cedar planks after grilling?

If the cedar plank is thoroughly charred, you’re best scrapping it and starting fresh next time. If you find that the plank is still in good condition (not a lot of char), you can reuse it according to Wildwood Grilling. Wash the plank with hot water (don’t use soap, though) and store in the freezer.

How thick should a cedar plank be for grilling?

Cedar planks for the grill need to be 1/2-inch or more thick — the thicker the better if you want to reuse them. Barbecuing on cedar planks adds a unique flavor, and it’s also a beautiful way to present food.

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How do you use a wood plank on the grill?

How to Use Wood Planks

  1. Stock up online, or at the grocery store. …
  2. Soak the plank for 30-60 minutes. …
  3. Preheat the grill without the plank. …
  4. Grill as you normally would, but with a spray bottle nearby. …
  5. Be prepared for bowing. …
  6. Give things extra time. …
  7. Sear meat for a couple minutes to get those grill marks and some char.

How do you cook fish on a wood plank?

How to Perfectly Grill Fish on a Cedar Plank

  1. Cook only the freshest fish. With salmon, make sure it’s wild, not farm-raised. …
  2. Use an untreated, cooking-specific cedar plank. The wood should be about 12 by 6 inches. …
  3. Cook over direct medium heat. …
  4. Brush the salmon with extra-virgin olive oil. …
  5. Place the wet plank over the fire and close the lid. …
  6. Remove the fish carefully.

Is the smell of cedar harmful?

Is the smell of cedar harmful? Cedar can be toxic to pets that eat the balls or breathe the fumes. Cedar is known to cause liver damage in small animals kept on cedar wood shavings. Cedar fumes can also cause allergic reactions in humans..

How long should cedar planks soak?

Soak an untreated cedar plank, about 16 by 8 inches, in water for at least 1 hour. 2. Prepare the grill for direct cooking over medium heat (350° to 450°F).

Is it safe to cook over cedar wood?

Avoid wood from conifers such as pine, redwood, fir, spruce, cypress, or cedar. These trees contain high levels of sap and turpenes, which results in a funny taste and can make people sick. Cedar planks are popular for cooking salmon, but don’t burn the wood for smoke.

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Can you Soak cedar planks too long?

Yes, you have to soak Cedar planks before cooking with them. Soaking for 15 minutes in warm water is the optimal soaking time. The flavor infusion is most apparent after 15 minutes and does not increase with longer soaking times.

Can you use a cedar plank on a Traeger?

You can’t do Cedar Planks on a Traeger.

That is, it has to burn and emit the cedar smoke. With Traeger’s indirect heat, it won’t do that.

Can you put a cedar plank in the oven?

Can you put a cedar plank in the oven? Yes! That’s exactly what we are doing today. The cedar planks work best in an oven set to 400 – 425 degrees F, which is just hot enough to heat the moisture in the cedar plank while delicately cooking the salmon all the way through.

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