Eat Up! Your day depends on a great start.

What happens when you put 250 children, loads of healthy ingredients, passionate teachers, enthusiastic volunteers and tons of energy into one room. Magic!

Magic was what we created this Monday at the Indian High School. It was our third year there and I can’t tell you how happy I was to be back amidst all those young chefs and tiny environmentalists.

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So together with all the children, we decided to find out what does “breakfast” really mean and why does it happen to be so very important.

The day started early; making sure that the room was all set, checking if the laptop and the mics worked fine, ingredients arranged properly and minutes later 250 kids walked inside this huge hall with their teachers.

We began with an interactive session. The kids shared what they like to have for breakfast each morning, how what they had for breakfast was different for weekends when they had more time on hand and how on their birthdays, cake became breakfast:)

We learnt how all breakfasts aren’t created equal and how their tiny bodies need fuel to get them going for school and activities and play.

We understood how to plan our breakfast better and how to make sure our friends at school never skipped breakfast as well. We also talked about what happens to the food in our plates when we skip breakfasts or when we buy fruits with an intention to eat but don’t and how that is not nice. So to counter that we learnt some simple ways to reduce food wastage.

And finally we made a really simple but very delicious and versatile breakfast recipe; Jamie Oliver’s Mini Super Fruit Breakfast Wraps.

The children had a lot of a fun going “shake shake shake” while making the chocolate spread (with yoghurt and juice from a mandarin) for their breakfast wraps.

There was lots of squeezing and mashing and sprinkling and shaking!!

There was also a lot of a cutting and folding and wrapping and tucking!!

The kids had mixed reviews to share. Some loved it and some didn’t. Some found it too sweet so decided to use less chocolate spread the next time around and some found it too bitter and said a little less cocoa should do the trick. But what is important is that all of them tried and all of them figured out how to make the recipe work for them. Some even carried parts of their wrap home for mum and dad to try.

We ended with the day with a cute little breakfast song and munched our way through all the bananas and the berries that were left. Find the entire album from that day HERE.

The most important lesson that we all learnt was that it’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you! So big hugs to all of the little ones for being part of this change, a huge thank you to everyone at the Indian High School (Head Mistress, Supervisors, Teachers and Miss Ruby who is always so enthusiastic about these events) for helping us create this impact, lots of love to the entire team at Jamie’s Italian (Mansij, Val, Louise, Mani, Nancy and everyone else) who has always there with me teaching the little ones, how to bring about this change one meal at a time, a bear hug to my friend Preeti who drops whatever she is doing so that she can capture these memories for all of us every year and lots of love to fellow ambassadors Jean and Maisaa for being there that day to both encourage us all and to lend a helping hand.

Thank you ever so much everyone! 

To healthy little bodies and real food.

Images: Personal album. If you like any of the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if  use those without my permission. Just ask! 

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