Food Revolution 2016: The Year That Was.

With less than six days for the year 2017 to begin, today I am reminiscing about some of the many beautiful memories we made here at Food Revolution UAE.

Food Revolution Day 2016.
We cooked with over 250 children across Dubai, connected with more than 300 parents, 4 young chefs spent their weekend inspiring other children and in the process also discovering a little bit more about themselves and an additional 50 families joined us by cooking one recipe in their kitchens! This was across three events; at the Indian High School, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet and Jamie’s Italian. In addition, all the subscribers of DinnerTime got the ingredients to make Jamie’s Veggie Stir Fry in their boxes to make and eat during that week. Readers of the blog also joined by cooking some of the FRD recipes and sharing the same (Find a detailed recap of Food Revolution Day 2016: Looking back at Food Revolution Day 2016 and find hundreds of pictures from that amazing weekend in the links below).


FRD at the Indian High School


FRD at Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet 


FRD at Jamie’s Italian

The support from media (BBC Good Food ME, Mother, Baby and Child, The Indian Trumpet and FoodeMagdxb) this year was incredible. Everyone helped us create an awareness, helped us connect with people and introduced the UAE chapter of Food Revolution to many others.mediaMother, Baby and Child even carried a two page story on the same.




Celebrating Food Revolution Day All Year Long.

We kept this revolution alive 365 days by sharing one out of the ten Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution recipes with all the children who participated this year and all the readers so they can all cook it with their parents. One recipe a month. We are currently in Month seven and on our way to becoming better cooks and better eaters!
Celebrating Children’s Day by teaching the FRD Recipes on Sony Network Television.


India celebrates Children’s Day on the 14th of November each year and this year we celebrated the same by cooking three out of the ten FRD recipes on  the Children’s Day Episode of Weekend Out on Sony Entertainment Television.

These were some of the highlights from 2016. Can’t wait for 2017 to begin! 

Much thanks everyone! What a fantastic year it has been! Each time people who want to change the conversation around food for children and their health come together, we end up making magic. Big hugs and much love to the teams at Indian High School, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet, Jamie’s Italian, DinnerTime, all the other ambassadors and the FR team at UK who continue to work tirelessly 365 days of the year and Jamie who inspires me each and every day and who has brought us all together.
Images: Personal album, approved stills from the Food Revolution team and logos from the respective partners. If you like any of the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if  use those without my permission.Just ask! 
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