25 days of Christmas: Advent Calendar

In two weeks time, our Christmas tree will be up. There will be fairy lights and ornaments. There will be cookies and hot chocolate. There will be cinnamon and nutmeg. And there will be our Christmas Advent Calendar. Making an Advent Calendar is one of our favourite Christmas traditions.


Sara made her first one when she was three. I cut out tiny cards for and we planned our 25 days of Christmas. Together we thought of activities for each day which I wrote out for her and then with her tiny hands she made doodles on each one. Each year I take out this precious first set of cards and go all warm and fuzzy inside.


Set up the Christmas tree. Fill up the home with candles.  Write a letter to Santa. Make your own pizza. Make someone’s eyes sparkle. Ice creams for your friends and you. An evening of Christmas Carols. Donating gifts and making someone else very happy. Draw a family picture with the snowman in it. Wear your Santa socks tonight and hang your stocking. Fondue Day. Write a thank you letter to God. Watch a Christmas movie. Make a Christmas Craft. Let go visit Santa today (the local community would organize this). Playing “picnic” under the tree. Cookie Day. List out what all and who all you love. Make greeting cards for everyone. Get flowers for the grandparents and friends. Bake a Christmas Cake. Treat yourself to candies. Sleep like a princess on your Santa pillow. Hot chocolate outdoors. Go and unwrap those presents.


These were the ones we wrote that year. Over years some activities have changed and some have stayed with us. Each year she decides what a kind of calendar she wants to make and the last two weeks of November are spent planning and creating it. It is such a fun way to celebrate, help the kids count the days until Christmas and teach them the value of doing something special for both the loved ones and the less fortunate. We like to make it activity-centric with a treat thrown in every now and then. It is definitely more exciting for her and us.


This year instead of starting from scratch she has this brown cardboard tree for her room ( a simple pegs and brown paper bags was what we has the year before). I love these tiny drawers for she can create some magic on each one and imagine the possibilities of what can go inside these! Can you tell, we are excited?! So this weekend will be spent crafting and creating and I should be back soon with her finished Advent Tree. We are thinking stamps, sequins, beads and origami paper. Doilies may appear too.


This calendar will take a bit of time but what we have already decided are the activities that will go inside. Here is our list.


What do you like to do in the days that lead up to Christmas? We’d love to hear. Do you make an advent calendar as well? Would you like to join us?


You can mix and match the activities that your child would be happy to do or could include some from our list if you happen to run out of ideas. Share your ideas with us too so together we can make an activity bank of sorts (I love making lists!). A word of caution though if you know a particular day is going to be crazy (school, work, after school activities and the usual) then remember baking cookies on that day isn’t going to work. So plan the activities according to your schedule and convenience and what works for your family. We want the children to jump out of their beds each morning to find out the activity/surprise for the day and not let this become another of those chores that need to be crossed out, right?

Happy crafting everyone!

p.s. Find loads of Christmassy ideas for children here. I am going to keep adding lots of inspirational pictures, games, party decor, tablescapes, party food options, advent calendars and more right until Christmas.

mages: Personal album. If you like any of the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if  use those without my permission. Just ask!


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