Celebrating Food Revolution Year Long: DIY Oaty Fruity Cereal

Hello again!!

Thank you for joining my little chefling and me in celebrating Food Revolution all year long.

(If you are joining us now: The big day is over (a full recap and links to all the albums HERE) and like we promised each other we are going to keep this revolution alive 365 days and create a healthier and happier world! This year Food Revolution Day was, above all, about sharing the power of cooking and we are focusing on ten recipes that together can teach us all the skills we need to feed ourselves and our families good, nutritious food for years to come! Each month I will be sharing one out of the ten Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution recipes so we can all cook it together with our children. Just one recipe in 30 days! Yes, that is it, so doable right? And at the end of the year, I assure you we will have children who will appreciate new flavourstaste new ingredients and flavoursdevelop a love for real food and will make tons of happy memories with you in the kitchen).

Month three. Recipe three.

Are the little ones excited after mastering two recipes? My little girl is!! Did you guys give the hummus a go? We made a beetroot variation that she calls PINK hummus 🙂

Here is the third of the ten recipes that our kids will be learning this year.

School reopens in a month from now and August is a great time to master this next recipe so the children can make themselves a bowl of a super healthy breakfast each morning before they leave for a day full of studies, activities and play.

DIY Oaty Fruity Cereal

Eating a tasty, nutritious breakfast is a great way to help kick-start your day the best way you can. Make a big batch of healthy cereal, then store it in an airtight container for up to four weeks. We are giving you two great ways to serve it here, but feel free to come up with your own ideas.

Feel free to add dried fruits, nuts and seeds of your choice. Make a different variation of the same each time your jar gets over. Use all spice instead of cinnamon if that is what you like.

DIY Oaty Fruity Cereal

Here is super fun video for your little ones that they can watch before they begin making their jar of cereal.

Recipe Docket

Simply click on the link below and then save and print your recipe docket.

The docket contains the ingredients, equipment and instructions required to make this recipe along with the picture of the final dish, a visual step by step grid to help the children cook, space to write down their notes (whether you and your family gave it yay or a nay, variations they made or would like to make the next time they make this and any other comments) and Jamie’s top tips. 

Download here: DIY Oaty Fruity Cereal

Do remember to share the pictures/videos of your delicious crunchy cereal along with your experiences in the comments section HERE. I’d love that!

Also please do leave me a comment if you’d like to receive the recipe directly via email without having to come here and check each month.

So let’s get mixing everyone!

Images: All stills & videos from the Food Revolution team for personal use ONLY. If you like any of other the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if use those without my permission. Just ask!

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