My month in pictures: February 2016


(Each month I share my special moments from the month gone by. It is a visual diary of sorts one that I hope to look back at years later). 

Row 1: left to right

  • The month began with my kitchen the beautiful, local and organic produce from the Farmers’ Market.
  • The refrigerator looks a little empty now and I am eagerly waiting for Friday.
  • We have been enjoying a lot of DIY meals of sorts this month. Griddled Chicken Fajitas.
  • And Pancakes.
  • Lots of leftovers were turned into bestovers. Cake crumbs became icecream cone cake pops.

Row 2: left to right

  • We have been discovering different cuisines.
  • It has been a lot of fun combined with a lot of learning.
  • We began this exercise last month where Sara invited her friends over for a little tour to India
  • Her friends took the recipes with them and cooked them early this month (pics soon!)
  • We went to China this month and I hope to share that with you soon.

Row 3: left to right

  • My little girl turned seven.
  • She “embroidered” this handkerchief for her mum.
  • Her love for painting continues to grow.
  • She baked us these mini cakes.
  • She adores miniatures, playing the violin makes her happy and books are her world. Happy Birthday Little Girl.

Row 4: left to right

  • We celebrated her 7th birthday in a park.
  • It was a pretty little picnic party.
  • I cooked and I crafted. I crafted and I cooked. I cooked and I crafted. I crafted and I cooked. You get the idea?
  • There were hundreds of cookies.
  • It was a beautiful day where we made lifelong memories with all our loved ones.

Row 5: left to right

  • The weather has been unbelievably gorgeous.
  • We spent last Thursday eating our way through the food trucks at Eat the World.
  • The ever so lovely & talented Dima put her heart into her first book. I am so happy to have it on my bookshelf.
  • Also on my table is Sesame & Spice that I am loving.
  • The month ended with some of us cookbook addicts getting together to form, From Words To Wok.

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