My month in pictures: August 2015

August Diary

(Each month I share my special moments from the month gone by. It is a visual diary of sorts one that I hope to look back at years later (Earlier posts : May 2015June 2015 and July 2015).

Row 1: left to right

  • Summer vacations at my mum’s mean laid back brunches. 
  • Also homemade patra with a glass of shikanjvi.
  • The beautiful aroma of ghee being made that fills up both the home and the heart
  • Sharing food with family and friends.
  • Ordering in desserts in when you are too lazy to even step out.

Row 2: left to right

  • This summer Sara enjoyed a lot of street food. Shakarkandi Chaat (Roasted Sweet Potato )with a squeeze of lemon. Golgappe, Tikki and more.
  • Gulgule with hari chutney and mooli (Green Chutney with grated radish).
  • Barf ka gola (Ice lolly). Kala Khatta being her favourite.
  • Because when in Delhi, meetha paan (Indian mouth freshener) is a must.
  • Did I mention I love coming back home to gifts that look like this?  

Row 3: left to right

  • We took Sara to Chandigarh where I spent my summer vacations with my grand parents. 
  • It was wonderful seeing her make memories on the same streets with her grandparents.
  • She loved the rock garden.
  • And the rose garden where our grandfather would take us every evening.
  • No visit to the rose garden would be complete without having a bottle of verka milk.  

Row 4: left to right

  • Summers also mean picking up flowers from the road in your night suit.
  • They also mean refusing to get down from the swing.
  • Putting mehendi on tiny hands.
  • Wearing tricoloured bangles to celebrate Independence Day.
  • And playing with dolls all day long.

Row 5: left to right

  • But all vacations come to an end and we are missing all the colour back in India.
  • This summer I read a couple of new books too. The Seven Sisters.
  • And the Edible Atlas. 
  • Friends got us thoughtful and gorgeous gifts.
  • Now we are back home  and missing grandparents “infinity much” but are happy to be in our room and with our friends.

My most favourite part of the year begins now. Festivals, good weather and lots of new work awaits. Hi September! 

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Images: If you like any of the pictures on the blog and would like to use those please write to me. I put in hours of work behind each post and would love to share it with you but it would hurt me if  use those without my permission.Just ask! 

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