Sharing Some Cookbook Love.

That I own a pretty decent (…ahem)number of cookbooks is not a secret. For the longest time I have been getting emails that read something like this…yes..yes..we know you have many but which ones do you heart the most and why?

True, what purpose does that long list serve? 🙂

Now…I would have loved to write detailed reviews of each book (that I will keep for another day) but for now what I am sharing with you is some cookbook love on the orangekitchens facebook page with little notes about how they’ve touched my life (I’ll be adding more to this list pretty soon)
I really do hope that you will enjoy going through the list and the notes. Please feel free to share your views,your questions and your recommendations for me to try out new recipes from the books that I already own (I love revisiting my cookbooks all the time) and of course the names of your favorite books (hello! new books).

And now I’ll get back to working on a similar exercise for all the food memoirs & other literature on food I own and most certainly the ones that belong to my chefling.

Happy reading & cooking.
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