A herb garden for your kitchen

I’ve always found the idea of having a little herb garden for my kitchen very romantic (Ahem…yes most things that have any association with the kitchen fall into the romantic category for me, so unlike other husbands who can even get killed by their wives for gifting them a hand blender my DH can totally get away with buying me an oven for our anniversary because that is definitely more romantic than diamonds in my dictionary:))

To come back to the kitchen garden, now gardening and me…naah…I am totally capable of killing a very healthy plant. I just can’t seem to understand how to take care of one. Mmm…so growing (Read:maintaining, I can never dream of growing one myself, buying them from the nursery just seems easier to me) one doesn’t really come that easy to me. Having said that I did get some mint, basil and thyme this year and yes ended up destroying all of them months later. Now I am waiting for the guy at the nursery to get me some more and this time, cross my heart, will give it another earnest try.

But what comes naturally to me is dreaming and designing ( And ofcourse cooking with them). And what can be better than dreaming about these gorgeous looking herb arrangements. Come with me…
 One could buy some pretty containers from the market…OR…
Make a good use of those empty jars lying at home. If you don’t have multiple identical ones…don’t you worry…group the odd sized jars and bottles and wrap them with some pretty paper and a twine. Drool.
Or take out those lovely teacups you were gifted on your wedding and have NEVER used 🙂 Charming  tea,coffee or chocolate tins are awesome too. How about planting these babies in tiny vintage buckets?
Old crates look stunning too
Don’t have so much space for so many individual pots. Here is the perfect solution for you, group them all in one large container. Your herb jungle will not only look pretty but it will make it very easy to take them all out together whenever they need a little bit of sunshine.

And finally, a very useful herb guide for all of you. Happy gardening.

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  1. orangekitchens May 25, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    Glad you liked it Pooja. Good luck for your very own herb garden 🙂

  2. Pooja May 24, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Thank you for this lovely post. This is one of my favourite post ever 🙂

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