A few days back I turned a year older and my totally crazy sister made my day extra special by treating me to cupcakes that made my heart go flutter flutter.  I love to cook. I dream about food and for the past two years all that I have read about is food.

She got these melt in the mouth cupcake from a very talented young baker who was given a very specific design brief..ha) and the food enthusiast me couldn’t have been happier. Thanksis. With the cupcakes came a miniature coffee table book on my journey from my first ever kitchen experiment (Read:disaster) to all the happy memories of all the meals I’ve made till this date. I have no clue how many nightshe spent designing and printing it but I definitely know the many many happy tears I shed while going through it. It talks about my idols in the food industry, quotes about my cooking from family and friends, my cookbook obsession, the unforgettable Masterchef episode in my life, forgotten family pictures where we are doing what we do best..EAT. Muaah to lil sis for giving me family celebrity status:)))

But coming back to the cupcakes…the buttery french vanilla frosting and the too cute to eat tops..ah!
Don’t miss the detailing on the wooden spoon
 Fish and knife on a chopping board
 Tomatoes, anyone?
sunny side up please…
 Gobble Gobble says the turkey
 Can’t do without those oven mittens
 Chef’s hat and a rolling pin. Noodles in a wok 
How cute are these?
Sara was as excited as me and declared that she would be eating the chef”s hat. Btw, some days back she chose her career. TV Cook mamma not a chef. Very clear. Well…the girl wants a little bit of glamour along with cooking…what can I say?

Images : Personal Album

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  1. Hooney Macarooney April 26, 2012 at 12:10 pm #

    Oh! These are adorable and beautiful. Hats of to Purva, awesome awesome b'day present

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