I heart: Kitchen scales

I absolutely love vintage kitchen equipment. And when its a weighing scale as pretty and rusty as this; with that to-die for glass jar on top its worth sharing with all of you. I can’t do without my weighing scale and we will come to what I use in my kitchen in just a while but till then,dream along. 

Oh! I drool. This would look gorgeous not in only in the kitchen but also the dining area. 
 I will make my peace and be okay with something that is not vintage ONLY if it comes in deep red or hot pink 🙂

 But something tells me…I am liking a lot of bright and cheerful yellow these days…sigh!

 I warned you already…a lot of yellow. 
And this is when I don’t really like yellow a lot. strange.

But when the kitchen is as colourful and and happy as the one here…who can resist it? Not me…
Quick reality check : This is what I have in my kitchen. Ya, I know 🙁

 But I could be totally okay with this felt one too…aww….

Do you own a kitchen weighing scale? I can’t live without mine..even though its all steel and grey:)
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