Serving furniture to friends & family

How cute are these pieces of edible furniture! I heart. Is anyone out there listening? This is on my wishlist :)) A furniture pan.

What fun it would be play around and paint this furniture with chocolate sauce and sprinkles! 
The designers behind thisuper cool product Fukusada & Pereira have this to say, “An object that mixes both traditional Japanese small cakes ‘baby castella’ with a Portuguese egg based pastry called ‘ovos moles’.You can create your eatable living room and paint you furniture cakes with your favorite jams and toppings. In this way when the user gets full of his furniture he just eats it without creating disposals. And start all over again with a different recipe.”

Oh come on, I want it for my 3 year old and her crazy mum 🙂

Image & information : here
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