Christmas cookies, anyone?

The last day of November and guess what? Christmas is almost here ūüôā Rajee,¬†shared this number and I can’t¬†seem to get it out of my head.
The weather is beautiful, there is a¬†slight chill in the air…a perfect time to bake. Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, dark rum, bourbon:)
Twinkling fairy lights, sparkling baubles and Christmas cookies.
I have been looking for¬†some ideas for inspiration and found¬†several I loved. Let me admit that I am not a huge fan of icing cookies or cakes for that matter. I like my cakes & cookies warm;straight from the oven into my tummy. But come December, I don’t¬†seem to mind¬†some¬†icing and¬†food colour ūüôā
Here are¬†some cookies¬†that I liked¬†and I’ll be back¬†with what finally gets made at our home, very soon.¬†
¬†Aren’t these cute?
 I like them for they are simple and sweet. Have always liked some bling.
Ah! now that’s gorgeous. Requires¬†some kind of piping¬†skills though.
 Green, red and white. How can one not like these babies?
I am not eating them. No way.It would be a sin to touch these. 
And finally some from the lady I love, Bakerella. Aww!

Are you planning to make cookies this Christmas? Do share your ideas with me or may be we can have our very own cookie swap party right here? What do you think?
Images : 1,2,3,4,5 & 6
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