Mix, chill and roll; that is how we snack!

“Don’t eat that or you will spoil your appetite”. Raise your hands if you grew up listening to this or find yourself saying the same to your little ones. I am talking about those times when the children are hungry and dinner is still a few hours away.

Snacks; I struggle with them the most. It is in-between meals so they need something small, energy packed, healthy, filling and they need it fast. Snack time is also a great opportunity to help the kids try out new foods and new flavours. The key to fulfilling so many parameters is being prepared and involving them.

My little chefling loves making something she calls “cake balls”. Carrot and Walnut, Apple and Date and Banana and Chocolate are three of her favourite cakes and when she gets to eat these “desserts” whenever she wants and her mum doesn’t seem to mind sort of makes me the coolest mum ever!!

Carrot and Walnut Energy Balls

And the fact that these tiny balls of goodness are not only a powerhouse of flavor and nutrition but also keep her little belly from rumbling until dinnertime keeps me stress-free!

Apple and Date Energy Balls

She loves all the measuring, mixing and shaping and more importantly the fact that she can make them independently since they don’t involve any “cooking” and will find any excuse to eat them.

Banana and Chocolate Energy Balls

Try them once and I can assure you your children will reach out for these instead of that packet of chips or a store bought bar when hunger pang strikes!

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