Giving the brown bag “sandwich” school lunch a makeover.


A lot of children who were away on a mid term break resumed school today. There will be a spring break soon for many and as I type others are getting ready for their end of year break.

After any break getting up at five in the morning and preparing lunch boxes that are healthy, wholesome and have a variety can be quite a challenge. Especially when all that your little one wants is a sandwich because it is easy to hold and munch and leaves her with enough time to play. But let’s admit, even if you keep altering the fillings it can get boring for them and you after a while.

New and healthy snack options that will ensure the lunch box will come back empty and the little ones hungry for more??? Not sure?

We tried some new “Sandwiches” and my little chefling loved them all!


A Croissantwich.

Often we are left with one day old croissants from the weekend and filling them up with a moist salad not only gives it a new life but is a welcome change from the sliced bread sandwich. Vary the fillings over the weeks; boiled egg with salad leaves, ham and cheese are some of our favorites.


A bagelwich

Unlike the croissantwich where you need a stale one, the trick here is to use a fresh one so it is still pillowy soft for your child to bite into. Making the potato patty by grating it not only saves you from the trouble of boiling a potato early morning but also reduces cooking time. The crusty texture of the patty against the chewy bagel is another win.


And finally a muffinwich for a treat for the last day of the week!

Two halves of a muffin sandwiched with healthy sweet ingredients make for delicious end of week “treat” snack for the little ones. Keep changing the muffin and the fruit inside for variation. Try a nut butter with sliced apple or pear. You can even grill the bananas on a hot griddle if you like.

All these options are super healthy and packed with nutrients which is every parent’s mission for the school year and since these are still “sandwiches” I assure you there will be no resistance to this “new” lunch. Plus this is something that the children can easily prepare themselves and since they will be making it all on their own I assure you they will proudly eat it too. Add a chapathiwich and a tortillawich stuffed with veggies and meat for the other two days of the school week and you’re entire week is sorted.

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Happy Sandwiching and don’t forget to include a lunch box note. My little girl loves finding a joke or a riddle in her lunch. I have been doing for over four years now and believe me her entire class can’t wait for her to open her lunch box for the riddle/joke of the day!

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