Counting our blessings.

The holiday season is already upon us; our hearts are filled with love, delicious food gracing our tables and for a few fortunate ones, the cupboards are stacked with thoughtful presents gifted by the loved ones.. However, it is so easy to get lost in the consumerism and chaos of it all. So, before we begin 2017 and make new beginnings Sara and I like to steal a few moments to reflect on the year gone by to count our blessings.


On the first of December, she and I like to make something we like to call our “Blessing Tree”. It is really simple to make and has become something of a tradition now. At the beginning of the month we fill up the tree with the “blessing pebbles”. And during the month, each time she recognizes or remembers a blessing from the year gone by she writes it down on a brown paper tag and then replaces the “pebble” on the tree with her tag– and of course, she gets to eat the pebble in return! By the end of the month, all the pebbles are gone and the tree is full of the fortunate moments she has had this year, those that she is thankful for and have made her year more meaningful and richer. We like to read these gratitude notes together on New Year’s Eve.
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Stay happy and stay blessed.

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