Good Day for a Picnic

If given a choice, my little girl would go for a picnic every weekend. Each Friday during the “winter” months she can be found setting her tiny picnic basket. With Dubai finally experiencing cooler days, she decided to have her very first picnic for the season with her best friend. We decided to keep the food really simple, something she could “cook” herself. The girls had such a lovely time running around, playing “catch”, blowing bubbles and reading their story books under the tree.


For the picnic, Sara made three things.


A bocconcini, tomato and basil spaghetti which is great because it is best enjoyed when cold.

drink2Chilled pomegranate, lemon and mint sparkling water to quench their thirst.

rose-pots-2Finally, rose cream pots for dessert. Read how she helped me make it all in the latest issue of FoodeMag dxb and also get some tips on how to have a memorable picnic!

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!

Images: All recipes and photographs created exclusively for FoodeMag


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